Mount Gambier Homes

The Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Home Foundation

Our Foundation was formed out of a desire to provide a caring, 'forever home' for people living with a disability in the community. 

As with all Ryder-Cheshire homes our guiding philosophy is the relief of suffering without discrimination.

The Mount Gambier homes are leased to and managed by estara, formerly known as ParaQuadSA and HomeCare+.

What we've achieved so far

Meet Cheshire resident David Lockwood

January 2024

David Lockwood recently celebrated one year since moving into Cheshire and it’s been the happiest year of his life. 

In his family's words:

'He previously lived on his own for 23 years. Independence has always been so important to him. Now, he can remain feeling independent, living in his new home, but also in complete safety, with care from great support workers, whilst living with four of his friends. 

David was welcomed in with open arms by everyone at the house, which we are grateful for. They are fantastic friends/housemates for David.

This change has meant the world to David. He’s never lonely anymore as there is always company and opportunities to do things with friends, but he can spend time alone and in privacy if he wants. 

It’s been amazing to watch David’s confidence grow. He’s speaking up more and more and telling us of changes that he wants to improve his life, like choosing his day options and activities. He has never actually requested changes until now, it has been wonderful to watch this change to his personality.

To his family, it means peace of mind for David’s wellbeing, no longer being worried about his safety and happiness. Almost every time we see him, he is more confident and happier with his life. We have always tried to cater for his needs, but it has not always been easy to cater for his wants. Being in Cheshire has enabled this to happen. 

We can be his family again instead of being his carers.'

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David Lockwood
Aerial view of homes, gardens and carpark

'Can do' approach

'Perhaps this story will encourage others to take a can do approach and make things happen' - parents discussing the Mount Gambier Homes.   Learn more!

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