Mount Gambier Homes

The Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Home Foundation

Our Foundation was formed out of a desire to provide a caring, 'forever home' for people living with a disability in the community. 

As with all Ryder-Cheshire homes our guiding philosophy is the relief of suffering without discrimination.

The Mount Gambier homes are leased to ParaQuadSA and managed by their service provider HomeCare+.

Video: Robert Tremelling

What we've achieved so far



'Can do' attitude made homes a reality

"We sort of pinch ourselves that we achieved it against all the odds.  It was a gap in the accommodation.  It was very time consuming but the end result has been excellent" - parents discussing the early stages of the project.

Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Homes.  Photo: Ockert Le Roux